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Middle School Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of commonly asked questions that parents have had over the years. Please read below and if you have any additional questions or need clarification, please contact the Middle School Coaches

I didn't wrestle and am not really sure about this sport.
You are not alone. The wrestling club applauds your efforts in letting your child try something new, not only to him or her but to you as well. We recommend taking the time to read through the "Parent's Guide to Youth Wrestling." There is a ton of information and it will take some time to read through everything. To read the guide, visit

My child is in XX grade, is it too late to get started in the sport?
No - it is never too late to start. Our club welcomes any student at any time. Our coaches will work with each wrestler so that s/he can get the basic moves.

Do you require a physical before wrestling?
The seventh grade wrestlers are required to have WIAA physical card filled out by their physician before they are allowed to practice. Parent/Players need to submit this card to the high school athletic office. All 8th grade players who had a physical in 7th grade need to have their alternate year physical card submitted.

Are there any other forms that are required?
All Middle School players are required to submit the consent for emergency treatment, co-curricular code, and academic code sheets turned in prior to their first practice. These forms can be found on the middle school website.

Where can find any forms that I may need?
The forms referenced along with the WIAA cards can be found online at the Middle School website

Are there any camps that my child can attend?
Waunakee holds summer wrestling camps for all age groups.  There are also many other camps that are available so if you are interested just ask one of the coaches.

Do I need to purchase any equipment?
Equipment (singlet’s, warm up tops and bottoms) are supplied by the school with support from the Waunakee Wrestlebackers. Your child may elect to purchase wrestling shoes (optional but encouraged.) Mouth guards are required for wrestlers with dental apparatuses.

When does practice start and what times of the day does it occur?
The practice is held at the Middle School and wrestlers need to be ready to practice by 3:40 p.m (practice starts at 3:45 PM.) Once school ends, the players must head to the Middle School locker room where they will get dressed and ready for practice. Practice usually is held for 1-1/2 hours unless the coaches indicate differently. Parent pickup time is 5:30 PM.

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